I wish to sever a parcel from my existing Lot to sell. Can I do this? What are the steps?

The Planning Act of Ontario sets out rules from which planning authorities govern how and when land can be subdivided.  In addition to this, many other government bodies have oversight into the planning process and must give their approval as well.  The best places to start are often either at the local municipal office or a local surveying firm to get a sense of what can, or can’t, be done.  The steps can be broadly broken down as follows:

  • prepare an application for Consent to Sever which often entails a re-zoning application;
  • engage an Ontario Land Surveyor to prepare a Reference Plan of Survey to satisfy Consent conditions;
  • engage any other parties, such as the local health department for septic beds or a well driller (where applicable) to satisfy other Consent conditions, and
  • engage a lawyer when it is time to sell the property.