Boundary Line Markouts

Under the Surveys Act of Ontario and the Canada Lands Surveys Act (e.g. First Nations Lands) only a licensed land Surveyor may perform boundary Surveys.  If you have knowledge of a person conducting a boundary survey who is not a licensed surveyor please contact either the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors, the Association of Canada Lands Surveyors (e.g. First Nations lands) or a local land surveying office to notify them.
Any Survey undertaken to verify an existing legal boundary requires research in the Land Registry Office, a field survey and review by the licensed Surveyor.
Research in the Land Registry Office must be undertaken to confirm property ownership(s) and gather documentary evidence (e.g. Plans, deeds, sketches etc.) prior to the field crew attending the site.  A field crew attending to the site will assess and collect the evidence available to them on the ground such as monuments locations, improvements close to line, evidence of occupation and oral testimony.  An analysis of the documentary research against the evidence found will be made either on site or in the office and a decision will be made as to the boundary location.
The Land Surveyor will have final oversight to ensure that the boundary location(s) is correct and at a minimum will prepare a written Survey Report to the client.
In many instances, a written report is all the client needs however we can prepare a Plan of Survey illustrating the boundary or boundaries surveyed and any improvements close to or overlapping the boundaries.
A client should review his or her needs with the Land Surveyors prior to starting the work to determine if a Plan is required.