Benefits of Winter Survey Work – Order Your Survey Now


We are rapidly approaching winter and everyone thinks we don’t work in the winter time and we do!

In fact it is better for some projects to work in winter.

The benefits of winter surveys are as follows:

  • Much of our work is along Lakes and Rivers and properties can often be accessed easier over winter ice – especially those properties that require boat access in the summer.
  • Shoreline surveys can be done from the ice rather than from land where obstructions, such as trees, buildings etc., often get in the way.
  • Leaf free trees make satellite surveying much more effective on properties where normal summer tree canopy blocks signals.
  • Survey markings left behind by survey crews, such as orange flagged lines, are generally much easier for clients to find against a white backdrop of snow.
  • Survey crews can move through wetland and swampy areas much faster when the ground is frozen by all-terrain vehicle or on foot than in the summer.
  • Less line cutting when there is reduced ground cover – improves line of site.

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